Unfortunately, due to technical difficulties, we are unable to provide the audio files of this year's speakers.
We truly apologize for the inconvenience.

Week 1

Family Hour: Greg Speck
For the Cause of Christ
Session #1 | Living for God
Session #2 | Relationships that Flourish
Session #3 | Embracing Your God
Session #4 | Live with Purpose

Bible Hour: Joel Johnson
why i?
Session #1 | why i forgive?
Session #2 | why i laugh?
Session #3 | why i trust?
Session #4 | why i bless?

Evening Hour: Joe Urcavich
Spiritual Resilience
Session #1 | Moses, a Resilient Personality
Session #2 | The Philosophy of Bilical Resilience
Session #3 | The Foundation of Spiritual Resilience
Session #4 | The Basic Premise of Spiritual Resilience

Music & Worship: Mark Alan with Emmanuel LIVE

Week 2

Family Hour: Marc Maillefer
The Storms of Life
Session #1 | God of the Storm
Session #2 | God With Us in the Storm
Session #3 | God's Purposes for the Storm
Session #4 | God's Grace in the Storm

Bible Hour: Dr. Evan Hunter
A Better View: Looking at Jesus in the Book of Hebrews
Session #1 | Jesus, the Better Revelation
Session #2 | Jesus, the Better High Priest
Session #3 | Jesus, Guarantor of a Better Covenant
Session #4 | Jesus, Founder and Perfecter of our Faith

Evening Hour: Dr. Paul Louis Metzger
Blessed are the Happy in Jesus - Not Tortured, Cheated, or Diseased Souls
Session #1 | Poor in Spirit
Session #2 | Mourn, Meek, Hungry
Session #3 | Merciful, Pure, Peacemakers
Session #4 | Persecuted

Music & Worship: Mark Alan with Emmanuel LIVE