Congratulations! You have been accepted to be a Child Care Assistant (CCA)!

Please confirm your participation by filling out the form below.

Dear CCA (Child Care Assistant),

I hope you are looking forward to your Northern Pines experience. CCAs have an important job to do and you'll have a great time too! Caleb and Liz Atkins are CCA Directors both weeks. They are very excited and looking forward to serving with you.

Some Important Items:

1. CCAs will be lodged in Lone Tree , Brown Door and Kern. You will sign up for rooms when you arrive. Bring your own bedding and towels.

2. Ear buds are okay for the long bus ride but you will be asked NOT to use them while you are taking care of your children each evening. There will also be rules concerning cell phones.

3. Arrival time at Green Lake Conference Center, Green Lake WI, is on SUNDAY at 2:30pm. You will have a time of orientation.

4. The BUS will leave at 8:30am on Sunday. Please plan to arrive by 8:15am!! Bus riders information is below. There will be a lunch stop each trip. Bring money for your meal.

5. Make sure you bring spending money for snacks, crafts, etc. while you are at camp.

6. Your mailing address at Northern Pines will be:

“Name” – Northern Pines, CCA Program
Green Lake Conference Center
W2511 State Road 23
Green Lake, WI 54941

7. If you have any questions, the best way to contact us is through email


Thank you again for serving as a CCA at Northern Pines this summer!

In Christ,
Julie Jaderston

Items to Pack:

Bible, notebook, pen/pencil


Tennis Shoes

Athletic wear

Shorts (no short-shorts!)

Shirts (no spaghetti straps or midriff showing!)



Swimsuit (no speedos or bikinis) & beach towel


Sleeping Bag

Personal Items

There will be rules for cell phones!

(We will email this info to you as well.)