The Wilderness is a unique and exciting camping experience for kids 4th - 6th grade. Using symbols and narratives from the Exodus account of the Israelites' time of wandering in the desert, campers experience tons of crazy fun, lasting friendships, spiritual growth, and Biblical teaching.

All teaching is all done in a very low camper/staff ratio to ensure each child has plenty of individual attention and can experience the best week possible.

When they arrive, each camper is immediately greeted by his/her own cabin leader who introduces them to the rest of their tribe. Through these relationships, daily teaching, and activities, campers learn about God's care and desire to have a relationship with them, focusing on each child's relationship with God and their need for a Savior.

Days are full of action, beginning with fun morning wake up calls, worship, and fun activities. Tribe time, Trail Talks, games, activities such as campfire building and crafts fill the day and keep campers engaged. Each afternoon, tribes spend their free time hanging out at the lake, grabbing a snack, or playing games on the field with their tribemates and cabin leader (children are never without staff at the Wilderness). In the evening, they wrap up the day with a sacred time at Council Fire where campers worship, learn from skits, and hear the Word from the Wilderness director. Campers quietly leave Council Fire every night and head to their rooms for a final tribal small group time and lights out.

The Wilderness is a great experience both for those who have had other overnight camping experiences and for those who may have never been away from home for more than a night or two. It is housed in the west corner of campus, far enough for campers to have their own space, but just a short walk from the main campus. A daily update is provided during the morning session break for parents of Wilderness campers describing the activites for the day as well as providing an opportunity to touch base with any parents who have questions or want to know how their son or daughter is doing.

Your child will be so excited to tell you about their favorite memories, perhaps including the polar bear swim, a funny skit, playing Raiders of the Lost Ark, or one of the many other extraordinary experiences they had during their week in the Wilderness.

  • Morning

    Wake up calls, worship and fun activities

  • Mid-Morning

    Tribe time, trail talks, campfires and crafts

  • Afternoon

    Free time hanging out by the lake and games

  • Evening

    Council Fire worship, skits

  • Late Night

    Final small group time before bed