Northern Pines offers exceptional programming for the entire family! From children to grandparents, everyone experiences teaching and activities especially suited to them.

Children's Program

Birth - 3rd Grade

When you see the smiles on the children's faces at Northern Pines you will know there is something special about the Children's Program.

Each morning, parents drop off their sons and daughters on the way to their own morning sessions and activities. Each child's class is led by caring adult teachers and assisted by CCAs (Child Care Assistants). Throughout the week, children learn more about God's Word through Bible stories, songs, crafts, and fun camp activities including tram rides, field trips, and swimming. Every week ends with a special program performed by the children for the adults Friday morning.

The Children's Program continues in the evening, when a CCA assigned to your family will come to your door! These students (age 12-18) who are there to serve your family. They'll watch your children, play with them, and have them in bed when you return after the evening session and whatever activities you choose to do.

Northern Pines also has so much for you and your children to do during afternoon free time - grab some ice cream at a snack shop, make some crafts, take a hike to the General Store (for some penny candy!) or spend some time soaking in the sun and lake at the beachfront. Your children will love running around with their friends and enjoying the activities around Green Lake. Additional highlights of the week include annual fishing contests, Family Day activities, and a special visit to the Wilderness for 3rd graders!

Our Children's Program incorporates songs from Seeds Family Worship - setting word for word scripture to song for our little ones to hide in their hearts! Songs include We Trust (Psalm 20:7), Grace (La-De-Da) (Ephesians 2:8), Out of the Mud/He Set My Feet on the Rock (Psalm 40:12), More than Conquerors (Romans 8:37), and Pray About Everything (Philippians 4:6-7) and And We Know (Romand 8:28). Songs are available on our YouTube channel as well as several streaming services. You may also purchase albums from the Seeds Family Worship website.


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4th - 6th Grade

The Wilderness is a unique and exciting camping experience for kids 4th - 6th grade. Using symbols and narratives from the Exodus account of the Israelites' time of wandering in the desert, campers experience tons of crazy fun, lasting friendships, spiritual growth, and Biblical teaching. This is all done in a very low camper/staff ratio to insure each child has plenty of individual attention and can experience the best week possible.

When they arrive, each camper is immediately greeted by his/her own cabin leader who introduces them to the rest of their tribe. Through these relationships, daily teaching, and activities, campers learn about God's care and desire to have a relationship with them, focusing on each child's relationship with God and their need for a Savior.

Days are full of action, beginning with fun morning wake up calls, worship, and fun activities. Tribe time, Trail Talks, games, activities such as campfire building and crafts fill the day and keep campers engaged. Each afternoon, tribes spend their free time hanging out at the lake, grabbing a snack, or playing games on the field with their tribemates and cabin leader (children are never without staff at the Wilderness). In the evening, they wrap up the day with a sacred time at Council Fire where campers worship, learn from skits, and hear the Word from the Wilderness director. Campers quietly leave Council Fire every night and head to their rooms for a final tribal small group time and lights out.

The Wilderness is a great experience both for those who have had other overnight camping experiences and for those who may have never been away from home for more than a night or two. It is housed in the west corner of campus, far enough for campers to have their own space, but just a short walk from the main campus. A daily update is provided during the morning session break for parents of Wilderness campers describing the activites for the day as well as providing an opportunity to touch base with any parents who have questions or want to know how their son or daughter is doing.

Your child will be so excited to tell you about their favorite memories, perhaps including the polar bear swim, a funny skit, playing Raiders of the Lost Ark, or one of the many other extraordinary experiences they had during their week in the Wilderness.


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Junior High

7th - 9th Grade

Away from the everyday distractions and chaos that often makes up the young teenage year, the Junior High program at Northern Pines provides an opportunity for students in 7th-9th grade to celebrate the joy of their childhood and still prepare to start becoming a young adult. While engaging in fun and exciting activities that also help them build closer relationships with their counselor and fellow campers, they learn about a God who wants a closer personal relationship with them. 

They'll also see God's Word lived out in leaders who love them and want to help them grow. When you add powerful worship experiences, solid Bible-centered teaching, and life-transforming relationships with other campers and staff, it will make for a week your junior high student will never forget.

Each week is filled with an active schedule full of time for fun and friendships all the while learning more about the God who loves them. From the morning walk to breakfast, talks and small group time, and other movrning events, campers are engaged in a variety of activites. After lunch and some time on the climbing tower and ropes course, they also get some free time to explore the campus, hang out by the beachfront, grab a snack, or just hang out at their cabin with other students. After dinner each evening, students gather for a worship and teaching time before they participate in some late night activities the Junior High program is famous for (which may or may not include shaving cream and maple syrup)! 

At the end of the day, students spend time in their small groups reflecting on each day's teaching and experiences. The goal is that every student feels significant and a part of the group, and leaves camp more confidently prepared to navigate the challenges of junior high life knowing they have a relationship with a Savior who will never leave them.


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Senior High

10th Grade - Graduates

Spending a week in the Senior High program at Northern Pines is designed to strengthen high school students and challenge them to something more significant in their lives. We do that by inviting them to be a part of a community looking to discover what God wants to do in their lives. In a week filled with a strategic mix of structure and free time, students engage in times of teaching, prayer and worship, and fun activities. They experience meaningful discussions as they honestly struggle through topics that are relevant to their lives, and are challenged to apply the truth of God's Word to each and every situation they face.

After a morning focused around teaching, small groups, and group building activities (including the climbing tower and ropes course), the afternoon is free for students to take in any number of activities round campus. Favorites include hitting the beachfront, hiking, basketball, ultimate Frisbee, or simply relaxing with some friends on the lawn. They reconnect with wht whole group for dinner and prepare for a full evening which includes a time or worship, teaching, and some fantastic late night activities before they meet one last time with their small groups before heading to bed. Through it all they experience extraordinary relationships and encouragement, and leave refreshed and prepared to tackle the everyday challenges they face in their lives.


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Young Adult

Ages 18 - 25

The Northern Pines Young Adult program is designed to meet the needs of those who have graduated high school but are still students and/or single adults. It provides a community of peers who support each other through similar life experiences and want to continue to discover how to live out their faith every day.

Each day begins as they prepare a delicious breakfast together and enjoy fellowship over a family style meal. Following breakfast, the group enjoys an intimate time of worship and teaching with the program director. During the afternoon, they are free to enjoy the Green Lake campus - with one afternoon spent on the climbing tower and ropes course.

Each evening, the conferees join the adults for their evening worship and teaching. Throughout the week, the young adults also enjoy additional activities and excursions outside of the Green Lake campus such as bowling and mini-golf (cost is extra). Staying together in the Bruce-Kinney house, they experience community together as they wrestle with trusting Jesus not just as their Savior, but also as their Lord as they deal with the challenges of living as an adult in the world today.


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The Adult program truly reflects our motto: A Vacation with a Purpose. Conferees enjoy time to relax and get away from the daily distractions of home and hear God's voice through top quality worship leaders, inspirational speakers, and fellowship with believers. It also provides intentional time with family, spouses, and friends in both structured and non-structured ways.

Adult Schedule

Each day's schedule provides opportunities for conferees to meet with God and connect with others in multiple ways. Whether through personal devotions, praise and worship through music, or listening to a speaker, God will meet each person in a new and refreshing way. Every year, three highly recognized speakers are invited who speak to a range of topics focused on practical Godly parenting and family, Biblical teaching, and living our lives as the beloved of Christ.

For those with children, Northern Pines is set up to help you have a great vacation with your kids but also to have some time to yourselves as well. Parents are able to relax and fully engage with their activites knowing their children are in the hands of the loving staff in the Children's Program in the morning and in the evening they're being watched by their family's CCA. This child care is provided at no additional cost to conferees!

During the afternoon, adults can enjoy the many activites Green Lake has to offer including the beachfront, tennis courts, biking, hiking, boating, and crafts, just to name a few. Two quality golf courses are also available for use throughout the week. For more information on the various activities and golf courses at Green Lake, see our Green Lake page. Adults also often enjoy an organized evening activity after the night's worship and speaker, or simply enjoy the time to relax with family and friends.


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Child Care Assistants

Ages 12 - 18

* Interested in applying to be a CCA? Learn more and download the CCA application on our Staff page.

One of the unique components of Northern Pines is our Child Care Assistant program. CCAs enable our Adult conferees to enjoy their time in the Adult program, allowing them to fully engage with their spouse and fellow conferees knowing their children are in the loving arms of qualified CCAs. They help with the Children's Program in the morning, receive quality, Christ-centered programming and small group time that is relevant and applicable to them, and are assigned to an individual family for the week and provide quality, FREE childcare for that family until 11pm each night.

CCAs come to serve, but have a lot of fun doing so. Each morning, the CCAs divide into 2 groups and switch halfway through the morning's activities. Each CCA spends half of the morning helping the teachers of the Children's Program with their assigned class. Being involved with the same class throughout the week allows each CCA to establish relationships with the kids. The other half of the morning is spent in Bible study and worship within the CCA program. The CCA program directors prepare an engaging and relevant theme each year and the students are challenged in their relationship with God and with others. 

During the afternoon, CCAs are free to enjoy the Green Lake campus in a variety of ways. They can hang out at the beachfront, grab a snack, or even borrow a bike and explore the campus with some friends. CCAs are also given the opportunity to babysit each afternoon for families looking for some time away. CCAs are compensated for these afternoon babysitting jobs.

Following dinner, CCAs head out to meet with their assigned family for the night. Throughout the week, each CCA cares for the children of the same family so relationships are established and the children are comfortable with their new friend. During the evening, they spend time playing with the kids, swinging at the park, going for a walk, reading stories, or playing games with others nearby. They can then put the children to bed as the parents desire and will stay on site until parents return. 

CCAs pay a minimal fee which covers room and board, but their morning and evening services are included at no extra cost for families attending our conferences.

Interested in staying at Northern Pines for 2 weeks? Many of our CCAs spend one week as campers in their respective programs and then the opposite week serving as a CCA. It's a great way to have fun with friends and experience Northern Pines for an additional week!  Students staying for a second week stay together on campus between weeks. There is staff specific to those staying in between weeks to help oversee their activities and help them get laundry done, etc. The weekend is really low key as most kids sleep for much of the time. They also enjoy relaxing by the beach and spending time with friends. There is an all staff Sunday morning service and meals available throughout the weekend.

Those choosing to stay for a 2nd week will receive $50 off registration fees - and if you register by April 1st, you'll receive an additional $10 off!

Interested in staying for 2 weeks, but unsure how you'll get to/from Northern Pines? For those joining us from the Twin Cities area, we have buses that will transport students at the beginning and end of the Conferences.  

Please Contact Us for additional information on the weekend overnight and the bus services from the Twin Cities.


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