Spending a week in the Senior High program at Northern Pines is designed to strengthen high school students and challenge them to something more significant in their lives. We do that by inviting them to be a part of a community looking to discover what God wants to do in their lives.

In a week filled with a strategic mix of structure and free time, students engage in times of teaching, prayer and worship, and fun activities. They experience meaningful discussions as they honestly struggle through topics that are relevant to their lives, and are challenged to apply the truth of God's Word to each and every situation they face.

After a morning focused around teaching, small groups, and group building activities (including the climbing tower and ropes course), the afternoon is free for students to take in any number of activities round campus. Favorites include hitting the beachfront, hiking, basketball, ultimate Frisbee, or simply relaxing with some friends on the lawn. They reconnect with the whole group for dinner and prepare for a full evening which includes a time or worship, teaching, and some fantastic late night activities before they meet one last time with their small groups before heading to bed.

Through it all they experience extraordinary relationships and encouragement, and leave refreshed and prepared to tackle the everyday challenges they face in their lives.

  • Morning

    Teaching, small groups, and group building activities

  • Free Time

    Beach, hiking, basketball, or just relaxing

  • Dinner/Evening

    Dinner followed by worship, teaching, and late night activities

  • Late Night

    Small groups one last time before bed