Week 1

Family Hour: Tim Breen
Session #1 | What We're Wired for: Wired for Creativity

Session #2 | Wired for Authenticity

Session #3 | Wired for Intimacy

Session #4 | Wired for Eternity

Bible Hour: Peter Reid
Session #1 | God's Will and Man's Desires

Session #2 | If You Have Jesus, You Have Enough

Session #3 | The True Test of Godliness

Session #4 | Prison Ministry

Evening Hour: Wayne Simien
Session #1 | King Jesus: The Blood Line

Session #2 | King Jesus: The Bloodline

Session #3 | King Jesus: The Expansion

Session #4 | King Jesus: The Comparison

Music & Worship: Emmanuel LIVE with Mark Alan

Week 2

Family Hour: Dr. Dave and Donalyn Currie
Session #1 | Keep Calm and Carry On: The Good News about Marriage

Session #2 | Boosting the Power of Generational Impact

Session #3 | God, Faith and Kids: Looking at Children through the Eyes of Jesus

Session #4 | Finishing Well: Mastering the Grand-Parenting Years

Bible Hour: Pastor George DeJong
Session #1 | These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

Session #2 | Calm in the Chaos...It is Simply the Way God Works

Session #3 | The Strongest Horns of All...And What a Gift They Are!

Session #4 | God's Favorite Place to Be!

Evening Hour: Bishop Quintin Moore
Session #1 | Presence Centered Living (Wednesday)

Session #2 | Presence Centered Living (Thursday)

We are missing Sunday and Monday Sessions for Bishop Moore.

Music & Worship: Emmanuel LIVE with Jon Carlos Velez