Week 1

Family Hour: Greg Speck
Session #1 | Dare to Prepare: Following the Lord
Session #2 | Dare to Prepare: Hope
Session #3 | Dare to Prepare: Love

Session #4 | Dare to Prepare: Parent/Grandparent - Child Relationships

Bible Hour: Greg Strand
Session #1 | Colossians: The Supremacy of Christ
Session #2 | Colossians: The Mystery of Christ

Session #3 | Colossians: The Threat to Christ-Centered Living

Session #4 | Colossians: Living a Christ-Centered Life

Evening Hour: Trent Castro
Session #1 | Jonah: A Storm of Grace
Session #2 | Jonah: Grace in the Storm

Session #3 | Grace for the Unreached
Session #4 | Grace for the Graceless

Our apologies, we are missing some of the sessions due to technical difficulties with the recording

Music & Worship: Tim Lemmens and Family

Week 2

Family Hour: Casey and Meygan Caston
Session #1 | Trust and Repair

Session #2 | Healthy Communication

Session #3 | Marriages that Honor God

Bible Hour: Jon Herring
Session #1 | Coming Back When You've Lost Everything: The Story of Jacob

Session #2 | When Your World Crashes In: The Story of Joseph

Session #3 | Coming Back When Years of Life are Wasted: The Story of Joshua and Caleb

Session #4 | Coming Back when Bitter and Empty: The Story of Ruth and Naomi

Evening Hour: Troy Dobbs
Session #1 | What is the Source of Conflict? Relationship Killers

Session #2 | How Does the Holiness of God Impact Our Lives? Extreme Stories of Life

Session #3 | Is God Obligated to Save Followers of Other Religions?

Session #4 | Why Love the Church?

Music & Worship: Tim Lemmens and Family