Northern Pines looks for engaging and motivated youth and adults to fill our open positions each year. There are positions available during both weeks.

Position descriptions are provided below. Applications can be manually printed, completed, and mailed to our office, or they can be digitally filled out using Adobe Reader, saved, and emailed (see application for further detail). If you would like to email our reference form to your references, please download the digital reference form below. References may also be digitally filled out using Adobe Reader, saved, and emailed (address provided on form).

NP Teachers Class 2023

Children's Teacher

Caring for infants and toddlers or teaching a specific age group of children 3 to 8 years of age is a fun way to get involved at Northern Pines. Depending on class size, there may be 2 teachers in a classroom. CCAs also provide support and help in classrooms. Time commitment involves personal preparation as well as three hours of morning teaching. Afternoons and evenings are free, enabling teachers to attend the adult evening sessions.

Teachers attend Northern Pines free of charge and receive a weekly honorarium.

NP Wilderness ClanLeader 2023

Cabin Leader

Cabin Leaders are responsible for a small group (5–8) of 4th–6th grade girls or boys. Cabin Leaders stay with their 'tribe' and work closely with the Wilderness Director and Assistant Director to create a fun environment for the kids each day. Cabin Leaders spend time with the students from the minute they wake up until they fall onto their pillows exhausted each night. Each day is full of games, Biblical teaching, songs, activities, and a whole lot of fun. After the children are in bed, cabin leaders are also encouraged and grow through small group Bible studies each night. Cabin Leaders are between the ages of 15-18 years.

Cabin Leaders receive a weekly honorarium.

NP Wilderness Singing 2023

Wilderness Counselor

Each week's Wilderness staff includes a male and female counselor in a variety of roles. They lead the Trail Talks each morning with the boys or girls (respectively) leading the students in an engaging lesson followed by some fun games and activities. Counselors also lead the Cabin Leaders and are available as support staff for the Cabin Leaders to come to with any questions or concerns. Counselors are motivated young adults who have graduated high school. They work closely with the Wilderness director and assistant helping with leadership and preparation throughout the week.

Wilderness Counselors receive a weekly honorarium.

NP CCA LeadingWorship 2023

Child Care Assistant (CCA)

CCAs are a critical and unique component to a week at Northern Pines. During the morning, each CCA spends half of their time working with their assigned Children's Teacher, assisting them with the children and activities throughout the morning. During the other half of the morning, CCAs also engage in a time of growth and encouragement each morning through a group Bible study lead by the CCA directors.

CCAs are girls and boys at least 13 years of age and/or entering 8th grade. Experienced 7th graders may also apply. We also provide an opportunity for college age girls to serve as CCAs. The college CCA program will have separate housing, staffing, and programming as well as the opportunity to mentor younger CCAs. There is a minimal cost to attend Northern Pines for the week as a CCA (see application for details).

Read More About Being a CCA

Fill out the Returning CCA Application

NP CCA Counselors IceCream 2023

CCA Counselor

CCA counselors are energetic and responsible young adults that are excited to help serve the children and CCAs at Northern Pines. CCA counselors help with the morning programming with both the children's program and Bible study. They are available throughout the week to connect with CCAs and build relationships with them. Each evening as CCAs watch after their assigned family's children, the CCA counselors are responsible for a group of CCAs (based on location) and are available should any issues or questions arise. CCA counselors must have completed 1 year of college or be at least 20 years of age. Previous CCA experience is a plus.

CCA counselors receive a weekly honorarium.

NP jrHigh Prayer 2023

Junior High Counselor

Junior High Counselors are committed to building relationships with their campers and encouraging them through the challenging junior high years. Fun loving energy and a compassionate heart make a great junior high counselor; the ability to relate and care about junior high students is a must. Junior high staff must have completed 1 year of college or be at least 20 years of age.

Junior High staff receive a weekly honorarium.

NP SrHigh ActivityGroup 2023

Senior High Counselor

Senior High Counselors are young adults with a desire to share their life experiences and passion for Godly living with high-schoolers. Counselors will be participate with the students in many games and activities throughout the week, participate in relevant teaching, and facilitate engaging and challenging small group discussions. Senior High Counselors are responsible for a small group of 6-10 girls or guys and must have completed at least 1 year of college or be at least 20 years of age.

Senior High staff receive a weekly honorarium.

NP Youth Worship 2023

Youth Worship Leader/Musicians

The Youth Worship Leader and band musicians are young adults with a passion for bringing Junior and Senior high students into the presence of God through worship. The band provides authentic, high-energy worship sets for the Junior and Senior High programs each day. The Leader is responsible for worship planning, rehearsal coordination, and band leadership. During the week, the team will also have the opportunity to join the Junior and Senior High programs to participate in their programming and engage with the students.

Worship Leader and band musicians receive a weekly honorarium.

NP Lake DockEmpty 2023


Responsible for shooting photos and capturing the memories of each program throughout the week. The photographer will also be responsible for creating daily summary slide shows for adult sessions. Images acquired will be used throughout the week as well as for marketing purposes throughout the year.

Responsible for shooting footage of programs throughout the week and creating day-end summary videos for sessions. Footage will be used throughout the week as well as for marketing purposes throughout the year.

These positions may be combined into one position. Photographer or videographer must supply their own equipment. The position receives a partial scholarship for the week(s) attended.

NP Lake KidsSittingOnDock 2023


Northern Pines is looking for certified lifeguards to keep watch during morning and afternoon open swimming time. Lifeguards will work approximately 2 shifts per day, 2 to 4 hours per shift.

CCAs who lifeguard will have their conference fees waived; Young Adults conferees who lifeguard will receive a partial scholarship.

NP Speaker Presentation 2023

Audio/Visual Tech

Our A/V Tech is responsible for mixing the worship and speaking portions of each session, recording each talk for future use, and fulfilling any other audio/visual needs throughout the week. Will be involved in set up or takedown of equipment depending on the week.

The A/V Tech will receive a full scholarship for the week(s) attending.