Away from the everyday distractions and chaos that often makes up the young teenage year, the Junior High program at Northern Pines provides an opportunity for students in 7th-9th grade to celebrate the joy of their childhood and still prepare to start becoming a young adult.

While engaging in fun and exciting activities that also help them build closer relationships with their counselor and fellow campers, they learn about a God who wants a closer personal relationship with them.

They'll also see God's Word lived out in leaders who love them and want to help them grow. When you add powerful worship experiences, solid Bible-centered teaching, and life-transforming relationships with other campers and staff, it will make for a week your junior high student will never forget.

Each week is filled with an active schedule full of time for fun and friendships all the while learning more about the God who loves them. From the morning walk to breakfast, talks and small group time, and other morning events, campers are engaged in a variety of activities. After lunch and some time on the climbing tower and ropes course, they also get some free time to explore the campus, hang out by the beachfront, grab a snack, or just hang out at their cabin with other students. After dinner each evening, students gather for a worship and teaching time before they participate in some late night activities the Junior High program is famous for (which may or may not include shaving cream and maple syrup)!

At the end of the day, students spend time in their small groups reflecting on each day's teaching and experiences. The goal is that every student feels significant and a part of the group, and leaves camp more confidently prepared to navigate the challenges of junior high life knowing they have a relationship with a Savior who will never leave them.

  • Morning

    Walks, Breakfast, Small group time

  • Afternoon free time

    Activities like climbing tower and ropes course, beachfront, hanging out

  • Dinner/Evening

    Worship, late night activities

  • Late Night

    Small groups again before bed