New Here?

Welcome! We are so glad you've taken some time to learn more about the ministry of Northern Pines and we hope to see you this summer at one of our conferences!

So, what does a week at Northern Pines look like?

Northern Pines is the premier Christian conference for the entire family in the upper midwest. We offer solid, Biblically based, age-appropriate programming for everyone. Each week is created to offer a wide variety of teaching, activities, and time with family and friends.
Families with children birth to 3rd grade stay together for the week. Each morning, while the adults enjoy solid Biblical teaching from some of the nations most respected voices, your children will be learning Biblical truths from our loving teachers.

Younger children (birth-age 2) are in our nurseries which are well staffed with teachers and CCA assistants to play with, sing, walk, and show God's love to your little ones. Those in our older classes get to experience a God-filled week learning about His love for them through music, games, hikes, crafts, and playtime. Students 4th grade and older stay with their programs but families reunite on Wednesday afternoon for Family Day. It's a chance to be together during the week to explore, rest, connect, catch up, and have some fun!

Children 4th to 6th grade join our Wilderness program which is less than a quarter mile up the road from the main campus. They stay in their own cabins and enjoy a fun 'away from home' camp experience while being just a quick walk away from mom and dad. A day in the Wilderness is highly structured with many creative activities. They enjoy Biblical teaching that weaves the story of Moses and the Israelites wandering in the desert seeking God throughout the week. They have small groups, lots of fun and games, some free time with their tribe (children are never without their cabin leader), meals together and end each day at Tabernacle - sitting around the fire worshipping, praying and learning together before they head to their cabins for small groups and bed. The Wilderness is an exciting and creative way to allow your children to experience a week at camp without being far from Mom and Dad!

Students 7th to 9th and 10th to graduates are part of our Junior High and Senior High programs. They stay in the Robbins Youth Centers and experience God through engaging worship, relevant teaching and small group discussions, games, activities, and afternoon free time.

To learn more about each individual program, check out our Programs page. We're excited to share more with you about what God is doing in each of these areas and hope we can provide some valuable information about what a day in the life might look like for your family.

Interested in learning more about the speakers we've invited to join us at this year's conferences? Check out our Speakers page to learn more.

To learn more about the various accommodations available each summer, check out our Accommodations page. There are options for every family and budget ranging from primitive (and not-so primitive) campsites to hotel suites and houses for the entire extended family!

We would love to have you join us this summer! Please submit your registration online. We look forward to meeting you!

Contact Us to learn more or request to talk with someone in person. We'd love to send you our most recent Northern Pines magazine with pictures and stories from this past summer or give you a call to chat about our conferences with you.

Check out our Northern Pines YouTube channel to learn more and get a glimpse of a week at camp.

If you'd like to hear more from the renowned speakers we invite each year, head over to our Archives to listen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many conference related questions are answered in our conference information booklet available to download here. Conferees will receive a copy a few weeks prior to camp.

Expand the questions below to find answers to many of our most frequently asked questions.

Is Northern Pines affiliated with any church or denomination?

No. Northern Pines is an independent Christian organization with no denominational affiliation. It was intentionally designed so that people from all denominations would feel comfortable coming together for a week and focusing on the things that unite us in Christ. Please see our Statement of Faith for our basic theological beliefs.

I or a member of my family has special dietary needs. Can you accomodate this?

Yes. Green Lake Conference Center works closely with conferees to meet all dietery needs. Youth and children's proram directors are also very aware of individual needs and work hard to make sure all concerns are addressed. To help the staff create a meal plan for your specific needs, please submit this Special Diet Request Form or call 920-294-3323 at least two weeks prior to conference.

A member of my family has a birthday during camp, can we order a cake?

If you'd like to purchase a birthday cake, there is a form you can fill out at the front desk in Kraft once you arrive at camp. Cakes must be ordered 24 horus in advance and paid for at the time of order.

What is Family Day?

Family Day occurs Wednesday afternoon. From 12:00-5:00 pm families rejoin from all programs and spend the afternoon together. All youth staff are “off” for the afternoon. Sometimes there are special activities planned for families, but it is also an opportunities for the entire family to do something together on or off the Green Lake Campus. See our Green Lake page for more information on things do to.

My child would like to invite their friend to join them at camp. Is this possible?

Absolutely. We have a number of "unattached" youth who attend each week. You can include them in your registration or register them separately. If the child's parent/guardian will not be at camp, they will need to fill out a Youth Health Form and either have it sent to our office or brought with you to camp. If you have any questions, please contact us.

I or a member of my family has mental, behavioral, or physical limitations. How might Northern Pines accommodate our specific needs?

We work very hard to accommodate all conferees regardless of any specific needs they might have. There is a specific fund that allows us to supply additional staff, aides, and/or equipment to provide for as many conferees as possible. Since each situation is so different, please call or contact us via our online form and we’ll work hard to put a plan in place that works for you and your family.

What is your cell phone/technology policy?

Cell phone coverage is spotty at Green Lake Conference Center. There is free WiFi in the Kraft Center and in public lounges, but we encourage all conferees to take advantage of the opportunity to unplug as much as possible for a week. We ask participants in our youth programs to put their phones away for a week so they can connect and build relationships within each program.

What should I pack?

You will receive a booklet a couple of weeks prior to camp that will have lists for each program.

Is there a dress code for camp?

One of the challenges of being a non-denominational conference is there are a wide-variety of perspectives on many issues. We want this week to be a week of freedom and relaxation, not rules and stress. We want you to be comfortable and to be yourself. Shorts and t-shirts are not unusual at sessions. You’ll probably see men in nicer shirts and khakis at Victory Circle and our banquet, but you’ll also see shorts that night too. Women are comfortable in shorts and blouses or t-shirts, but you’ll see many enjoy wearing a sundress now and then. At the end of the day, we simply ask people to dress modestly and comfortably.

What about bathing suits?

For adults, we leave that to your discretion, only emphasizing again the concept of modesty. For youth programs, we also emphasize modesty, provide our students and staff boundaries for that. We ask girls to not wear bikinis and boys to not wear speedos.

I need to cancel our registration. What is your cancellation policy?

We are sorry your plans have changed and will certainly miss you this summer, but we understand that things arise out of our control that require a change in plans. To cancel your registration, please contact us or call Julie at (612) 861-5100.


  • Registrations cancelled on or before July 1st will receive a full refund of registration fees (minus deposit).
  • Registrations cancelled after July 1st will forfeit all paid registration fees (including deposit).