Thanks for taking the time to check out Northern Pines!

Thanks for checking out what we think is one of the most life-changing vacations your family could ever experience. For over 40 years, families have come to Northern Pines to experience "A Vacation with a Purpose." This is a vacation unlike any other. Everyone, no matter their age, will experience premier programming, teaching, worship, and fun in a Christ-centered environment on the shores of beautiful Green Lake. If you're visiting for the first time, click here to learn more about what a week at Northern Pines is all about!

We first came to Northern Pines in 1989. All three of our boys have grown up attending and, between moves to different states, different schools and churches and life in general, we believe Northern Pines has been the most significant spiritual constant in their lives. The relationships they've built with friends and staff have survived all the tests of adolescence, and their relationship with God was deepened each summer. That's why we're so passionate about Northern Pines; we've seen firsthand the way God has used this place in the lives of our family.

We believe the same can be true for you! This isn't just another typical vacation, but rather an incredible experience that's not only full of fun and relaxation, but more importantly will touch the lives of you and your family in eternal ways as well.

We have exciting news too! Through the generosity of donors that recognize the significance of this ministry for families, Northern Pines has made a life-impacting, multi-generation family experience more affordable than ever for families to enjoy. This now continues with our ongoing program Generation 2 Generation. Through this gift, multi-generation families can continue to come to Northern Pines together to play, rest, and grow together with amazing discounts for grandparents and great-grandparents.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. One of the best parts of Northern Pines is that you'll quickly become family here. We are happy to do anything we can to help you and your family have a week you'll never forget! Hopefully we'll see you soon on the shores of Green Lake and you'll see firsthand what we're so excited about!

Blessings to you and your family,

Dean & Julie Jaderston
Executive Directors