Discounts & Scholarships

Our goal is to make a week-long Northern Pines experience affordable for all families. We offer several discounts and scholarships that we'd love to discuss further with you!


First Time Conferees

All First Time Conferees
Northern Pines extends a 10% discount to all first-time registrants.


Generation 2 Generation: A Legacy Gift
Through the generosity of an anonymous donor, grandparents who come to the same week of Northern Pines with three generations will come for half off! Great-grandparents who come with four generations come for free! Simply be sure that all members of the family are registered and deposit submitted by January 1, 2017. Grandparents may take advantage of this and any previously offered Generation discounts twice. The second discount must be redeemed within five years of the first discounted year. Great-grandparents will be offered this discount each year they qualify.

Children 5 and under
Children 5 and under come to Northern Pines for FREE in 2017! 

Families with 3+ children ages 6 -11
Families with 3 children ages 6-11 will receive a 50% discount for the youngest child; families with 4 children ages 6-11 will receive a 50% discount for the 2 youngest children.

Military Families
Serving in the armed forces places unique challenges and stresses on families. Frequent moves, unusual schedules, and long deployments are just a few of the practical challenges, let alone the emtional, psychological, and spiritual pressures that are constantly present as well. Northern Pines wants to be a place for military families to rest, reconnect, and experience time together away from all their other distractions. 

In order to say "Thank You!" to those who have served and are currently serving our country we are pleased to offer an additional 20% discount these families.


Students staying a 2nd week to CCA
Students choosing to stay for a 2nd week will receive $50 off registration fees.


The ministry of Northern Pines is most clearly shared through the personal testimony and referral of our conferees. We are so thankful for your desire to share it with the people you love. Invite another family to experience Northern Pines for the first time and when they come you'll receive a $50 credit on your bill. 
Only one family can receive a credit per first-time family. First-time family must list referring family on registration form. Families can receive multiple credits for multiple families who attend.


Green Lake Conference Center Scholarships
Green Lake Conference Center has graciously extended Northern Pines conferees the opportunity to receive financial aid through special scholarship endowment funds. We are very grateful to them for this program to help make a Northern Pines Family Vacation possible for those who sincerely need financial assistance.

  • Adults staying in hotels, lodges or houses may apply for a $100 scholarship.
  • Adults staying in cabins may apply for a $50 scholarship.
  • Junior High & Senior High youth may apply for a $100 scholarship.
  • No scholarship help is available for those staying in campsites.

Northern Pines General Scholarships
Northern Pines also has scholarship funds that have been donated to further help families/individuals attend our conferences. Those desiring more information about these scholarships should contact our scholarship committee via this online form or by calling our office at (612) 861-5100.  A member of our scholarship committee will contact you with further details.

Full-time Ministry Professionals
Northern Pines understands the strain that full-time ministry can place on an individual and on a family. We want to support those in these positions by providing a week at Northern Pines for them to relax, refill, and be encouraged by the body of believers.
Each year, a limited number of scholarships are available for pastors (full-time, licensed or ordained) and parachurch professionals (of ECFA organizations). These scholarships are available on a first-come, first-served basis and cover the costs of Northern Pines for one adult per family. Apply online.

Conferees with Special Needs
We know that sometimes a week away from the comforts and routine of home can be difficult, especially for those with special needs. Northern Pines wants to help make a week's vacation away possible for as many people as possible. We have scholarships available to help fund an additional staff member to help aid a conferee that may need individual attention. This scholarship is available for conferees of any age. Please apply online or call our office at (612) 861-5100.

Incarcerated Family Members
A gracious donor has provided a scholarship to fund a week at Northern Pines for a family each summer that has a family member that either is or has previously been incarcerated. Please apply online or call our office at (612) 861-5100.