The Premier, Christ-Centered Family Vacation Experience in the Upper Midwest

Thanks for taking the time to check out Northern Pines!

We're glad you're considering a vacation, perhaps unlike any you've had before! For over 40 years, Northern Pines has been the conference hundreds of families have come to for "A Vacation with a Purpose". It's become a special place where the entire family experiences premier programming, teaching, worship, and fun in a Christ-centered environment on the shores of beautiful Green Lake.

2015 promises to be an especially great year! We're excited to announce our newest opportunity, "Project Generations". Thanks to a generous gift, if a family has at least three generations attending in a given week in 2015, the grandparents are paid for! That's right, they come for free! It's an amazing opportunity for families to come together, experience a great week of vacation together, and continue the generational legacy that Northern Pines values so highly.

We've experienced that same legacy in our family. We first came to Northern Pines in 1989. All three of our boys have grown up here and between moves to different states, different schools and churches and life in general, we believe Northern Pines has been the most significant spiritual constant in their lives. The relationships they've built with friends and staff have survived all the tests of adolescence, and their relationship with God was deepened each summer. That's why we're so passionate about Northern Pines; we've seen firsthand the way God has used this place in the lives of our family.

We believe the same can be true for you. We're excited that you're here looking around. You're not just looking into another typical vacation, but rather an incredible experience that's not only full of fun and relaxation, but more importantly will touch the lives of you and your family in eternal ways as well.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. One of the best parts of Northern Pines is that you'll quickly become family here. We'll be happy to do anything we can to help you and your family have a week you'll never forget! Hopefully we'll see you soon on the shores of Green Lake and you'll see firsthand what we're so excited about!

Blessings to you and your family,
Dean and Julie

3 Generations: Free for grandparents!

2015 introduces an incredible blessing Northern Pines has received from an anonymous donor interested in supporting the legacy that Northern Pines provides for families. If 3 (or more) generations register for the same week in 2015, the grandparents come for free - no exceptions, no strings attached!

Simply be sure that all members of the family are registered and deposit submitted by January 1, 2015.  


While there are no exceptions or fine print to this exciting incentive, there are several questions we'd like to clear up. Click on the headers below to expand each answer.

What if both my parent’s and my spouse’s parents want to come?

Both sets of grandparents are free as long as everyone registers and submits their deposits by January 1.

Both my grandparents and great-grandparents are coming, so we’ll have 4 generations. Will one set of grandparents have to pay?

Nope, ALL grandparents are free if they are attending with at least 3 generations.

I’ve been bringing my family for a long time, and I can afford it. I don’t feel right having someone pay for me to come.

We understand, and believe me, we’ll never turn away someone who wants to pay. There are many creative ways you might help pay this gift forward - here are just a few ideas!

  • Consider bringing someone who has never been here, perhaps taking the money you’d be saving, and gift another young couple to help them start a new generation of legacies at Northern Pines.
  • Perhaps one of your kids doesn’t feel right having you pay for them, so they’ve never come. Now they might come because they know it’s not going to cost you extra this year. 
  • Check out our Donation page and learn more about our 'Gap' costs. With the increased registrations this year, we're anticipating a higher giving need to help cover the gap costs and any amount will help defer these costs.
Will Northern Pines have enough housing at Green Lake?

Hopefully not...what a cool problem to try and solve. Actually, that’s why we need the January 1st deadline so we can secure as much housing as possible with Green Lake.

Are there really no exceptions?

Correct! You just need to have 3 or more generations registered and deposits submitted by January 1st, 2015. 

I'm a grandparent, how do I register?

Complete your online registration and be sure to either check the Project Generations box for each grandparent or mention Project Generations in the comments. While you will be prompted to submit an online deposit, note that this is NOT required for grandparents provided their family is registered and deposits submitted by January 1st, 2015!


Join us in beautiful Green Lake, WI for our 42nd Northern Pines conference!

Week 1: July 26 - August 1
Week 2: August 2 - August 8

We are so excited about our 2015 conference and look forward to another summer of quality adult speakers and musicians, and top notch youth programming. God is going to do something new and fresh in our families this year and we hope you'll join us!

Greg Speck

Joel Johnson

Joe Urcavich

Emmanuel LIVE

Marc Maillefer

Evan Hunter

Dr. Paul Metzger

Emmanuel LIVE

NP Alumni

Once you've attended one of our Northern Pines Conferences, you're part of the family!

We have several ways we hope to help you continue the 'Northern Pines Experience' throughout the year.

Visit our Northern Pines Archives to see program pictures from years past, download audio files (mp3) of the talks from each week, and view the fall magazine.

Join us on Facebook and connect with other conferees to hear about what God is doing in their lives and update us on what He is doing in your's throughout the year.

Visit our YouTube channel to watch videos from years past and find alumni videos posted by your friends! (Be sure to let us know if you post any videos and we'll add them to our alumni feed!)

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